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[15:18]Terje Winther - Waiting For The Next Wave
[10:08]Terje Winther - Wishful Drone Around Midnight
[15:52]Terje Winther - The City Of Cruithne
[23:05]Terje Winther - Running Through The Edge
[03:02]Malene Winther Mortensen - Tell me whou you are
[05:08]Jane Winther - Om Ahh Hum
[02:48]Jane Winther - Elohim
[08:24]Jane Winther - Om Mani Padme Hum I
[04:56]Jane Winther - Om Mani Padme Hum II
[07:20]Jane Winther - Om Mani Padme Hum V
[04:54]Лилия ГУбарь (Lila Planet Voice) - OМ AH HUM=МАНТРА СИЛЫ -The original at Jane Winther (Аранжировщик и звукорежиссёр Кирилл Шарафутдинов)
[29:58]Johan G. Winther - Side 2
[05:45]Jane Winther - Om
[03:25]Jane Winther - Om Mani Padme Hum IV
[05:02]johan g winther - vanmakten
[29:57]Johan G. Winther - Side 1
[02:58]Morten Winther - Beat it tonight
[02:23]Jane Winther - 7. Joy
[03:39]Jane Winther - 1. The Peace Prayer
[01:15]Jane Winther - 9. The Noble New
[05:35]Jane Winther - 5. The Lamps Of Love
[05:04]Jane Winther - A Space for Being
[05:05]Jane Winther - A Space For Being
[02:39]Martin Winther - Blue Sky (Omegatypez Edit) [RIP]
[10:01]Vivaldi - winther
[04:43]Jane Winther - Om Mani Padme Hum III
[03:05]Jane Winther - the sea and healing bowls
[05:39]Depeche Mode - Precious (Winther Remix)
[04:44]Kris Winther - Aroma (AfterShock Remix)
[04:19]Jane Winther - Voice of Eternity
[04:41]Jane Winther - May the light in me