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[03:55]Laura Voutilainen - Ei Edes Kuolema (Laura Ja Veeti Kallio)
[00:25]Laura Pausini - Laura 1976 - Ramaya
[06:46]Coque Malla & Laura Gуmez Palma - Mi Asesina (Feat. Laura Gуmez Palma)
[03:56]Laura Lynn - Laura Lynn / Laat Mij Nu Dromen
[03:23]Laura Pausini - Laura Pausini -Ho Smesso Di (Dal Suo Nuovo Album Inedito)
[03:56]C-Ro, Laura Tippett - Walk Away Feat. Laura Tippett (Ben Delay Remix)
[06:50]Hollidayrain Feat. Laura Brehm - The Sunrise (Featuring Laura Brehm)
[06:50]Hollidayrain Feat. Laura Brehm - The Sunrise (Vip Ft. Laura Brehm)
[07:45]Syntheticsax & Laura Grig - Syntheticsax & Laura Grig - Losing Control (Club Mix)
[05:51]Syntheticsax & Laura Grig - Andrew S_Mile & Syntheticsax Feat. Laura Grig - Call Me (Main Club Mix Original)320Kbs
[04:07]Syntheticsax & Laura Grig - Syntheticsax & Laura Grig - Losing Control (Radio Edit)
[07:15]Laura Grig & Syntheticsax - Groove - Move - Laura Grig & Syntheticsax (Original Mix)
[05:06]Laura Grig & Syntheticsax - Groove - Move - Laura Grig & Syntheticsax (Radio Mix)
[03:55]Laura Voutilainen - Ei Edes Kuolema (Laura Ja Veeti Kallio)
[04:51]Laura Branigan - Laura Branigan - Gloria
[04:05]Laura Branigan - Laura Branigan - Self Control
[00:25]Laura Pausini - Laura 1976 - Ramaya
[05:58]Laura Bs - Laura Bs - Crash My Wall_(Grin_Dee_Dubstep_Remix)
[02:30]Choir Of The Trinity - St Sergius Laura - The Collect-Hymn 0F Easter (Tune Of The Trinity - St Sergius Laura)
[04:30]Laura Jansen - Use Somebody (Armin Van Buuren Remix) - Laura Jansen - Use Somebody (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
[07:52]Armin Van Buuren, Laura V - Drowning Feat. Laura V - Avicii Remix
[06:06]Armin Van Buuren, Laura Jansen - Sound Of The Drums Feat. Laura Jansen (Bobina Remix)
[06:12]Shootie And Moonline Feat Laura - Closing Time Feat Laura (Monkz Club Mix)
[05:10]Charly Rodriguez Feat Laura Vazquez, Azetta - Some Love (Feat Laura Vazquez & Azetta)
[03:01]Laura Wilde - Das Ist Sehnsucht - Laura Wilde & Christoff
[06:31]Laura Taylor - Laura
[03:10]Laura - Feel Young (Feat. Laura) - Radio
[03:17]Koit Toome & Laura - Verona (Евровидение 2017 Эстония)
[03:43]Diamm feat. Laura Green - Holding Back Your Love (Radio Edit)
[03:17]Koit Toome & Laura - Verona (Евровидение 2017 Эстония)
[03:17]Евровидение 2017 - Koit Toome & Laura - Verona (Евровидение 2017 Эстония)
[03:16]Koit Toome & Laura - Verona (Евровидение 2017 Эстония)
[03:16]Koit Toome & Laura - Verona (Евровидение 2017 Эстония)
[04:36]Lp (Laura Pergolizzi) - Tightrope (Regard Remix)
[03:43]Diamm Feat. Laura Green - Holding Back Your Love (Radio Edit)
[03:43]Diamm feat. Laura Green - Holding Back Your Love (Radio Edit)
[03:37]40 Glocc - Love You Baby (Feat. Cavelear & Laura)
[04:31]Zlatko Woykova & Letichev Sky - Мой Контроль ( Cover Laura Br
[05:54]Ximo Tebar - Laura
[05:04]Xiu Xiu - Laura Palmer's Theme
[03:37]Windbruch - Theme Of Laura (Akira Yamaoka Cover)
[03:46]Wombats - Party In A Forest (Where's Laura ?)
[03:27]Wombats - Party In A Forest (Where's Laura?)
[05:27]Vfsix - Laura
[03:13]Vбrios Artistas - Cantame Un Pasodoble Espaсol (Migual Angel Palma, Antonia Gуmez, Laura Gallego Y Miriam Dominguez)
[05:27]Vбrios Artistas - Tengo Miedo (Intrepreta Alejandra Rodriguez Se Reta Con Laura Gallego)
[03:15]Vбrios Artistas - La Morena De Mi Copla (Dъo: Laura Marнa Larrea Y Raquel Peсa, A Los Coros Abraham Y Avaro)
[04:07]Va - Laura Pausini - Se Non Te
[05:10]Varien - Ghost Spores (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[03:28]Varien - Valkyrie (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[05:50]Varien - Valkyrie Iii: Atonement (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[03:28]Varien - Valkyrie (Feat. Laura Brehm) (Original Mix)
[06:07]Viktoria Tolstoy - Laura
[03:48]Vanessa Daou - Laura
[03:42]Diamm feat. Laura Green - Holding Back Your Love (Radio Edit)
[02:55]Unknown - Tell Laura I Love Her
[02:47]Uniting Nations - Ai No Corrida (Laura More)
[02:34]Udg - Laura
[03:20]Laura Welsh - Naive
[05:18]Laura Stevenson & The Cans - Gathering And Leaping
[02:57]Laura Stevenson & The Cans - Holy Ghost!
[04:22]Laura Stevenson & The Cans - Mouthbreather
[03:13]The Persuasions - Willie And Laura Mae Jones
[04:21]The Sonixx - Intensive Care Ft. Laura Newman
[04:47]Thefatrat - Monody (Ft. Laura Brehm)
[03:53]Thefatrat - The Calling (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[04:51]Thefatrat - Monody (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[08:08]Tinlicker - Gazoline (Feat. Laura Louise)
[03:54]Theme Of Laura - Des Portes Ouvertes
[04:08]Tamara - Lady Laura
[05:54]Twothirds - Waking Dreams (Feat. Laura Brehm) (Hellberg Remix)
[04:07]Twothirds - Waking Dreams (Feat. Laura Brehm) (Soulero Remix)
[04:27]Twothirds - Waking Dreams (Feat. Laura Brehm) (Insan3Lik3 Remix)
[05:12]Twothirds - Waking Dreams (Feat. Laura Brehm) (Drum & Bass Vip Mix)
[05:11]Twothirds - Waking Dreams (Feat. Laura Brehm) (Drum & Bass Vip Mix)
[07:47]Twothirds - Waking Dreams (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[03:27]The Wombats - Party In A Forest (Where's Laura?)
[03:34]Trooper (Canada) - Laura
[03:40]The Gits - Oral Laura
[03:10]Taint - Laura Smithers
[05:03]Teddy Charles - Laura
[03:06]Tom Tykwer - Laura's Murder
[03:46]Tinie Tempah - Heroes (Feat. Laura Mvula)
[03:45]Tinie Tempah - Heroes (Feat. Laura Mvula)
[06:21]Shootie & Moonline - Closing Time (Autodidact Feat. Laura Dub)
[05:09]Total Science - I Know (Feat. Laura Pacheco)
[05:51]Snarky Puppy - Sing To The Moon (Feat. Laura Mvula & Michelle Willis)
[05:08]Skc - Tearjerker (Feat. Laura Pacheco)
[05:16]Saori Yano - Laura Peacock (Bonus Track)
[03:20]Surgery - Dear Sweet Laura
[04:10]Shelby Lynne - Willie And Laura Mae Jones
[02:29]Spoon - Goodnight Laura
[03:47]Svenne & Lotta - Tell Laura I Love Her
[02:47]Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons - Laura
[03:01]Silly Wizard - Miss Patricia Meagher/laura Lynn Cunningham
[04:28]Stephane Grappelli - Laura
[06:00]Silje Nergaard - Laura
[04:25]Stanton Warriors - The One (Spyzr Remix) (Feat. Laura Steel)
[04:00]Scissor Sisters - Laura (Live At The 02, London)
[05:35]Steve Laury - Lullaby For Laura
[03:08]Sidney Bechet - Laura
[06:33]Charles Mingus - Laura
[03:02]Reigani - Laura
[06:07]Vadim Zhukov - Alive (Feat. Laura Cyganik)
[04:06]Ragdolls - I Killed Laura Palmer
[03:20]Raulнn Rosendo - Lady Laura
[04:20]Regi - I Still (Ft. Laura)
[04:19]Rogue - Dreams (Feat Laura Brehm)
[04:16]Rogue - Dreams (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[05:42]Rameses B - Transformations (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[03:02]Romantic Violin - Tell Laura I Love Her
[06:54]Romanthony - Let Me Show You Love (Gavin Herlihy & Laura Jones Remix)
[04:29]Roberto Carlos - Lady Laura ( Exclusive Italian Version Re-Make 2012)
[04:05]Roberto Carlos - Lady Laura
[02:39]Ricky Valance - Tell Laura I Love Her (2004 Remastered Version)
[06:02]Phox - Laura
[04:58]Proxies - Jesus Christ (Ft. Laura Hayden)
[07:41]Para X - Magical Soundwave (Laura May Remix)
[04:50]Pino Donaggio - Laura's Theme
[05:28]Prinz Pi - Laura
[01:50]Philippe Rombi - Le Parfum De Laura
[04:31]Philippe Rombi - Laura
[05:21]Philippe Coste - Dance With Me (Feat. Laura Zen & Philly) (Extended Version)
[02:46]Phil Fuldner - Ai No Corrida (Feat. Laura More)
[03:04]Pablo Sorozabal - La Eterna Canciуn: Romanza De Laura
[04:24]Patrick Juvet - Le Theme De Laura
[03:56]Patrick Juvet - Tristesse De Laura
[03:42]Charlie Parker - Laura
[06:14]Osvaldo Golijov - Love Lost: Laura
[04:16]Origen - In Vita Di Laura
[03:19]Phantom's Opera - Lie Laura
[04:56]Phantom's Opera - Laura Ii - Revisited
[03:55]Omar - Laura Non C'e
[03:29]Oscar Peterson - Laura
[03:00]Laura Bryna - No Man's Land
[04:19]Laura Bryna - She Can't Save Him
[03:16]Scissor Sisters - Laura (Version 1) (Video)
[06:06]Nebula - Laura's Theme (Album Cut Version)
[01:54]Neil Sedaka - Laura Lee
[02:50]Nancy Wilson - Willie & Laura Mae Jones
[02:49]Nancy Wilson - Wille & Laura Mae Jones
[03:48]Nico Pellerin - Don't Go (Feat. Laura Newman)
[03:49]Nek - Laura Non C'e (Album Version)
[03:17]Nek - Sei Solo Tu (Feat. Laura Pausini)
[03:57]Nek & Cerena - Laura
[03:43]Nek - Laura Non C`e
[03:52]Nek - Laura No Esta (Esp)
[03:19]Nek - Tan Solo Tu (Senza Laura Pausini)
[04:07]Nek - Laura Non C'и (Live)
[03:45]Nek - Laura Non C'и
[04:00]Nek - Laura Non C'e (Remix)
[03:16]Nek - Sei Solo Tu (Senza Laura Pausini )
[04:45]Nek - Laura Non Ce (Dj Antoine Vs Mad Mark 2K15 Holiday)
[03:27]Nek - Laura No Estа (Dj Antoine Vs Mad Mark Radio Edit)
[03:27]Nek - Laura Non C'è (Dj Antoine Vs Mad Mark Radio Edit)
[04:02]Nek - Laura No Esta (Radio Vocal Version)
[03:16]Nek - Tan Solo Tu (Featuring Laura Pausini)
[03:46]Nek - Laura Non C'e
[03:48]Nek - Laura No Esta
[04:16]Nek - Laura Non C'e'
[03:46]Nek - Laura Non Ce
[04:20]Vasco Rossi - Laura
[04:41]Nick Heyward - Laura
[06:46]Mutiara Damansara - Laura Palmer's Spiritual Brother
[05:31]Montage - Girls Talk-Birds In Hell-Laura Palmers Theme)
[05:28]Mstislav Rostropovich - Iolanta : Scene & Chorus (Iolanta, Brigitta, Laura, Martha, Chorus)
[08:46]Mstislav Rostropovich - Iolanta : Scene & Arioso Of Iolanta (Iolanta, Brigitta, Laura, Martha)
[02:17]Mstislav Rostropovich - Iolanta : Scene & Chorus (Laura, Martha, Brigitta, Chorus)
[04:46]Monody - The Fat Rat (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[03:51]Mirrors - Look At Me (Laura Cantrell Cov
[03:57]Mazowsze - Laura I Filon
[03:34]Mere Mortals - Laura
[05:13]Marnie - Laura
[03:05]Moda - A Laura
[04:24]Modern Tracking - Self Control (Cover Laura Branigan )
[03:42]Michael Bublй - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Duet With Laura Pausini)
[03:42]Michael Bublй - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (With Laura Pausini) (Live)
[03:34]Veronique Legrand - Song For Laura
[02:44]Mr Fijiwiji - Evolution (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[02:47]Mr Fijiwiji - Beautiful (Feat. Laura Brehm)
[08:10]Matthew Dekay - Evotion Feat. Laura Camilla - Vessel Of Poisson (A Souls Morning Mix)
[03:12]Miley Cyrus - Androgynous (Feat. Joan Jett & Laura Jane Grace)
[03:00]Miley Cyrus - True Trans Soul Rebel (Feat. Laura Jane Grace And Atom Of Against Me!)
[03:12]Miley Cyrus - Androgynous (Feat. Joan Jett & Laura Jane Grace / Cover)
[05:31]Laurae - Undangered Zone
[05:13]Laurae - Vita Spericolata (Spanish Version)
[04:46]Laurae - Vita Spericolata (English Version)
[03:56]Miguel Araъjo - Dona Laura
[05:20]Miguel Migs - Tonka Feat. Laura Mcallen - Get It Back (Pooleys Honeymoon Dub)
[04:06]Losdelgas - Laura
[04:39]This Lonely Crowd - Laura's Coming
[02:59]Viktor Lazlo - Laura
[00:54]Limp Wrist - Limp Wrist Vs. Dr. Laura
[03:22]Lush - Laura
[02:55]Lauris Reiniks - Banjo Laura
[03:35]Lynda Lemay - La Petite Laura
[03:35]Lynda Lemay - Petite Laura
[03:44]Phillip Long - Trapezist (Feat. Laura Wrona)
[08:20]Laura Steinman - Comin' In & Out / Danceteria
[04:30]Laura Kaczor - When Grace Calls You Out
[04:02]Laura Kaczor - Renew My Life ( To Worship )
[03:54]Laura Kaczor - Sacred Bride
[04:22]Laura Kaczor - Beautiful Mystery
[03:17]Laura Kaczor - Don't You Think It's Time
[03:55]Laura Kaczor - Yours Forever
[04:22]Laura Kaczor - Alive In You
[03:26]Laura Kaczor - All Around Me
[04:40]Laura Kaczor - Love Enough
[03:55]Laura Kaczor - Invisible
[02:49]The Loved Ones - Dear Laura
[04:16]Laura Cheadle - Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad) (Live)
[03:21]Laura Tate - No Place To Hide
[03:50]Laura Nyro - Trees Of The Ages
[03:30]Laura Nyro - Blowin' Away/wedding Bell Blues
[02:40]Laura Nyro - Lu (Demo)
[02:21]Laura Nyro - Blowin' Away
[05:52]Laura Nyro - Been On A Train
[06:18]Laura Nyro - Trees Of The Ages/emmie
[03:02]Laura Nyro - Rhythm & Blues
[03:18]Laura Nyro - Billy's Blues
[05:33]Laura Nyro - Tom Cat Goodby
[03:55]Laura Nyro - Sweet Blindness (Live)
[04:26]Laura Nyro - Emmie (Demo)
[04:24]Laura Nyro - Emmie
[01:06]Laura Nyro - Wedding Song (Monterrey Pop Festival 1967)
[03:00]Laura Tesoro - What's The Pressure
[03:54]Laura Veirs - Sadako Folding Cranes
[03:05]Laura Voutilainen - Ennen Sua
[03:47]Laura Voutilainen - Lupaa Siihen En Saa
[03:35]Laura Voutilainen - En Mielestäin Sua Saa
[03:54]Laura Doggett - Night Girl (Feat. Alice Jemima)
[08:52]Laura May - For Pluck Sake
[01:54]Laura Marling - Im A Fly 2
[01:33]Laura Marling - Crawled Out Of The Sea
[04:07]Laura Fygi - It's Crazy
[04:24]Laura Fygi - Disse Alguem
[06:39]Laura Fygi - Jobim Medley (How Insensitive / Corcovado / Dindi)
[04:02]Laura Fygi - Triste
[04:02]Laura Fygi - Like A Star
[03:57]Laura Fygi - Cupid
[03:55]Laura Fygi - Still Crazy
[03:57]Laura Fygi - Sunny
[03:19]Laura Fygi - Willow Weep For Me
[02:55]Laura Fygi - All Of Me
[06:20]Laura Fygi - Bewitched
[03:28]Laura Fygi - Disse Alguem - All Of Me
[04:05]Laura Fygi - The First Time
[04:20]Laura Fygi - Still
[04:43]Laura Pausini - Le Cose Che Vivi/tudo O Que Eu Vivo (New Version 2013)(Feat. Ivete Sangalo)
[03:13]Laura Pausini - Inedito (Feat. Gianna Nannini)
[04:35]Laura Pausini - Nel Primo Sguardo (Solo Version)
[05:41]Laura Pausini - Strada Facendo
[03:13]Laura Pausini - Inedito (Solo Version)
[04:37]Laura Pausini - Stella Gemella
[02:55]Laura Pausini - A Ella Le Debo Mi Amor (& Paolo Carta & Paola Carta)
[04:35]Laura Pausini - Nel Primo Sguardo (Feat. Silvia Pausini)
[03:09]Laura Bell Bundy - Two Step
[04:18]Laura Nyro - Poverty Train
[03:28]Laura Silverstein - Moondance
[04:43]Laura Pausini - Me Abandono A Ti
[02:34]Laura Nyro - Goodbye Joe
[04:40]Laura Pausini - Escucha A Tu Corazon
[03:36]Laura Nyro - Lonely Women
[04:11]Laura Nyro - Brown Earth
[03:36]Laura Voutilainen - Muuttanut Oot Maailmain
[06:04]Laura Nyro - Money
[03:49]Laura Nyro - Woman's Blues
[05:09]Laura Nyro - December's Boudoir
[02:59]Laura Lynn & Matthias Lens - Een Beetje Meer
[03:26]Laura Nyro - Timer
[02:43]Laura Nyro - Sexy Mama
[04:08]Laura Pausini - Recuerdame
[04:06]Laura Rain & The Caesars - Closer
[03:53]Laura Rain & The Caesars - Seasons
[03:27]Laura Pausini - Limpido (Solo Version)
[04:04]Laura Rain & The Caesars - Squawkin'
[04:02]Laura Pausini - Buone Verita
[04:09]Laura Pausini - Disparame, Dispara
[02:37]Laura Carbone - Plan Of Attack
[03:59]Laura Pausini - Nuestro Amor De Cada Día
[03:27]Laura Pausini - Limpido (Feat. Kylie Minogue)
[02:17]Mollica, Laura - Vicaria
[03:04]Laura Marling - Love Be Brave
[03:53]Laura Rain & The Caesars - All Of Me
[02:48]Laura Nyro - Lu
[04:09]Laura Pausini - Regresaré (Con Calma Se Verá)
[04:01]Laura Mvula - Diamonds (Live For Hunger Tv)
[04:13]Laura Pausini - Solo Nubes
[03:21]Laura Lynn - Ik Wil Je Hier En Nu Voor Alti
[07:22]Laura Sullivan - Coral Castle
[08:52]Laura May - For Pluck Sake (Original Mix)
[05:51]Laura Sullivan - Blessed
[03:17]Laura Mvula - Father, Father (Live For Hunger Tv)
[03:03]Laura Nyro - Luckie
[03:21]Laura Silverstein - Sweet Georgia Brown
[03:29]Laura Pausini - Tan Importante
[04:52]Laura Sullivan - Moonlight Passage
[03:19]Laura Crema - Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
[01:54]Laura - We Are Strong (Radio Mix)
[03:23]Laura Lynn - Blijf In M'n Armen Vannacht
[03:17]Laura Marling - Strange
[04:32]Laura Pausini - No Me Lo Puedo Explicar (With Tiziano Ferro)
[03:29]Laura Pausini - Escucha Atento
[03:43]Laura Pausini - Carta
[03:59]Laura Nдrhi - Hetken Tie On Kevyt
[04:12]Laura Pausini - Que Historia Es
[03:53]Laura Marling - When Were You Happy?
[03:37]Laura Fygi - Just One Of Those Things
[03:42]Laura Nyro - Medley: Lu/flim Flam Man
[04:35]Laura Pausini - In Una Stanza Quasi Rosa
[03:49]Laura Pausini - Entre Tu Y Mil Mares
[04:22]Laura Marling - Gurdjieff's Daughter
[05:52]Laura Marling - Little Love Caster
[04:16]Laura Marling - Soothing
[04:22]Laura Marling - I Was An Eagle
[04:34]Laura Voutilainen - Eksynyt
[03:59]Laura Leda - Et Si Tu Penses
[02:16]Laura Marling - Interlude
[03:19]Laura Marling - Walk Alone
[05:40]Laura Marling - Litttle Bird
[04:09]Laura Pausini - Spaccacuore
[03:15]Laura Marling - Devil's Resting Place
[05:17]Laura Gibson - Empire Builder
[04:08]Laura Pausini - Tornero (Con Calma Si Vedra)
[01:56]Laura Mvula - Green Garden 1
[05:04]Teenage Mutants & Laura Welsh - Falling For You (Le Youth Remix)
[03:11]Laura Mvula - Overcome (Feat. Nile Rodgers)
[08:07]Laura Sullivan - Calligraphy
[02:42]Laura Mvula - She 1
[04:31]Laura Mvula - Little Girl Blue
[03:24]Laura Mvula - She (Jakwob 'dont Stop' Bootleg).(Agrmusic)
[03:45]Laura Voutilainen - Mun Syd鋗Eni T鋘Ne J滗
[02:28]Laura - Zo Verliefd (Yodelo)
[03:39]Laura Lynn - Jij En Ik
[03:42]Laura Pausini - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Feat. Michael Bublé)(Live 2005)
[04:40]Laura Nдrhi - Tuhlari
[03:32]Laura Nдrhi - Epдilys
[05:54]Laura Nдrhi - 1945
[07:28]Laura Sullivan - Schwanengesang, D.957: No. 4, Ständchen (Arr. For Cello And Piano)
[03:10]Laura Nдrhi - Riittдд
[04:47]Laura Nдrhi - Varjo
[02:51]Laura Fygi - Solamente Una Vez
[04:08]Laura Pausini - Hermana Terra
[03:48]Laura Fygi - Dansez Maintenant (Duet With Dave)
[04:11]Laura Pausini - El Mundo Que Sone
[03:58]Laura Nyro - Eli's Comin'
[03:44]Laura Pausini - Tu Con Que Suenas
[04:32]Laura Pausini - Non Me Lo So Spiegare (Feat. Tiziano Ferro)
[04:08]The Prototypes Feat. Laura Vane - Suffocate Vip
[03:48]Laura Colorado - Vivire
[03:47]Laura Pausini - Donde El Aire Es Ceniza
[03:31]Laura Pausini - Resta In Ascolto/escucha Atento (Live 2012)
[03:13]Laura Marling - Undine
[03:40]Laura Pausini - Primavera Anticipada (It Is My Song)
[05:18]Laura Fygi - Goodmorning Heartache
[04:36]Laura Marling - Short Movie
[03:16]Laura Marling - Master Hunter
[03:20]Laura Pausini - Innamorata
[03:27]Laura Pausini - Anima Fragile
[04:39]Laura Pausini - Una Historia Seria
[04:12]Laura Marling - Take The Night Off
[02:31]Laura Marling - You Know
[05:43]Laura Otero - ?donde Estas Mi Amor?
[07:41]Laura Estrada - If You Wanna Be My Only (Marco_Bolla_Techlove_Mix)
[04:01]Laura Pausini - Una Gran Verdad
[05:01]Laura Marling - Breathe
[05:20]Laura Marling - Warrior
[03:20]Laura Fygi - What A Difference A Day Makes (Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado)
[02:29]Laura Nyro - Flim Flam Man
[03:30]Laura Voutilainen - Odotan Niin
[07:05]Laura Nyro - Christmas In My Soul
[03:58]Laura - Hey Schwester
[04:01]Laura Voutilainen - El鋗鋘I Tie
[01:09]Laura Shigihara - Zen Garden In-Game
[06:19]Laura Nдrhi - Viimeinen Aamu
[01:27]Laura Claycomb - 7 Canciones Populares Espanolas (Arr. For Voice & Guitar) - No. 1. El Pano Moruno
[04:10]Laura Pausini - Un'emergenza D'amore (Live 2009)
[03:04]Laura Vane & The Vipertones - You Give Me What I Want
[04:41]Laura Nдrhi - Onnellinen
[02:51]Laura Tate - Too Blue
[02:47]Laura Vane & The Vipertones - Did It Anyway
[02:09]Laura Shigihara - Ultimate Battle In-Game
[03:33]Laura Claycomb - En Sourdine
[00:32]Laura Shigihara - Choose Your Seeds In-Game
[03:02]Laura Vane & The Vipertones - Christmas Day With Me
[03:49]Laura Shigihara - Graze The Roof In-Game
[01:56]Laura Shigihara - Watery Graves (Fast)
[03:41]Laura Shigihara - Watery Graves In-Game
[01:46]Laura Shigihara - Crazy Dave In-Game
[03:38]Laura Omloop Ft. Monsif - Zo Zonder Jou
[03:04]Laura Veirs - Icebound Stream
[04:28]Laura Caviani - In The Interim
[02:50]Laura Fygi - You Belong To My Heart (Solamente Una Vez)
[05:01]Laura Claycomb - Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5, W391 - Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5: I. Aria (Cantilena)
[06:01]Laura Pausini - Lo Siento
[03:50]Laura Pausini - Inolvidable
[05:39]Laura Handed - Without You(Euro Club Mix)
[03:00]Laura Veirs - Finister Saw The Angels
[03:58]Laura Pausini - Ana Dime Si
[03:34]Laura Pausini - Dime (Feat. José El Francés)
[03:52]Laura Pausini - Lato Destro Del Cuore(Seguici Su
[05:13]Laura Sullivan - Ellens Gesang Iii "Ave Maria! Jungfrau Mild!", D.839 (Arr. For Cello And Piano)
[03:34]Laura Pausini - Innamorata (Takagi & Ketra Remix)
[03:29]Laura Pausini - Primavera In Anticipo (Duet With James Blunt)
[07:34]Laura Estrada - If You Wanna Be My Only (Marco_Bolla_Deep_Mix)
[03:39]Laura Pausini - Innamorata (Giovani Leoni Remix)
[03:22]Laura Pausini - Innamorata (Keejay Freak Remix)
[02:11]Laura Pausini - E Poi
[03:29]Laura Pausini - Primavera Anticipada (It Is My Song) (Duet With James Blunt)
[03:34]Laura Pausini - Innamorata (Fresco Remix)
[05:13]Laura Pausini - Nei Giardini Che Nessuno Sa
[04:01]Laura Fygi - Vincent
[04:55]Laura Fygi - Lately
[03:37]Laura Pausini - Cuando Se Ama (Sei Que Me Amavas)(Feat. Gilberto Gil)
[04:17]Laura Leda - Valse D'excuses
[02:28]Laura Marano - Redial
[02:47]Laura Marano - Me And You
[03:13]Laura Marling - False Hope
[03:37]Laura Pausini - Culpable
[05:47]Laura Sullivan - The Bighorn Medicine Wheel
[03:14]Laura Marano - Parachute
[03:02]Laura Marano - La La
[03:32]Laura Voutilainen - Sydänjää
[05:00]Laura Shigihara - Grasswalk In-Game
[04:58]Laura Pausini - Un Dia Sin Ti
[03:18]Laura Voutilainen - Tuulesta Tuuleen
[03:05]Laura Voutilainen - Addicted To You (Finland)
[03:13]Laura Shigihara - Moongrains In-Game
[03:11]Laura Pausini - Adeste Fideles
[04:10]Laura Voutilainen - Sydäntuhkaasydäntuhkaa
[00:09]Laura Shigihara - Crazy Dave's Greeting
[02:04]Laura Shigihara - Loonboon In-Game
[01:56]Laura Shigihara - Cerebrawl In-Game
[01:58]Laura Shigihara - Cerebrawl
[03:48]Laura Voutilainen - Vastaa
[04:02]Laura Nдrhi - Kuulen, Kuuntelen
[01:56]Laura Shigihara - Ultimate Battle
[03:18]Laura - Mutter
[02:01]Laura Shigihara - Watery Graves (Slow)
[01:00]Laura Shigihara - Zen Garden
[03:22]Laura Tate - Blue Moon
[04:02]Laura Leda - Ailleurs
[03:13]Laura Tate - Snake Tattoo
[02:08]Laura Pausini - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
[02:36]Laura Silverstein - Old Cape Cod
[03:29]Laura Leda - Promesses De L'aube (Bl4Ck Owlz Remix)
[04:16]Rogue Feat. Laura Brehm - Dreams.(Agrmusic)
[04:16]Rogue & Laura Brehm - Dreams (Original Mix)
[05:20]Laura Leda - Single Girl
[05:01]Laura Leda - No Life Song
[03:27]Laura Veirs - That Alice
[03:46]Laura Veirs - Ether Sings
[03:11]Laura Pausini - It's Not A Good-Bye
[02:56]Laura Fygi - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
[04:09]Laura Pausini - Dos Historias Iguales
[03:28]Laura Crema - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
[08:18]Laura Pausini - Medley Rock: Dispárame, Dispara/bendecita Pasión/mi Perspectiva/háblame/mis Beneficios
[04:17]Laura Fygi - Dindi
[04:39]Laura Pausini - It's Not Goodbye (New Version 2013)
[02:14]Laura Claycomb - 4 French Folk Songs (Version For Voice & Guitar) - No. 2. J'ai Descendu (I Went Down)
[03:34]Laura Leda - Je Fly
[03:14]Nek & Laura Pausini - Tan Solo Tu
[04:15]Laura Pausini - Surrender To Love (Feat. Ray Charles)
[02:36]Laura Cheadle - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
[05:07]Stanton Warriors Feat. Laura Steel - The One (Christian Martin Remix)
[04:10]Laura Leda - Douce Berceuse
[03:05]Laura Pausini - Mi Perspectiva
[03:11]Laura Fygi - Girl Talk
[03:19]Stanton Warriors Feat. Laura Steel - The One
[03:22]Laura Leda - Promesses De L'aube
[05:03]Laura Pausini - La Solitudine (New Version 2013)(Feat. Ennio Morricone)
[01:01]Laura Claycomb - 4 French Folk Songs (Version For Voice & Guitar) - No. 4. Marguerite, Elle Est Malade (Margaret Is Ill)
[03:57]Laura Leda - J'te Parle Pas
[03:57]Laura Pausini - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
[04:24]Laura Pausini - Io Canto/je Chante (New Version 2013)(Feat. Lara Fabian)
[04:27]Laura Rosok - Stormy Weather
[02:50]Laura Crema - Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
[02:26]Laura Claycomb - 4 French Folk Songs (Version For Voice & Guitar) - No. 1. Reveillez-Vous (Wake Up)
[03:34]Laura Leda - J'ai Mis Les Voiles
[04:34]Laura Leda - Desillusionnee
[02:40]Laura Cheadle - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
[04:05]Laura Pausini - Cinque Giorni
[02:24]Laura Fygi - For Me, Formidable
[04:13]Laura Veirs - America
[04:06]Laura Fygi - Corcovado
[04:13]Laura Veirs - Sun Song
[04:37]Laura Izibor - Perfect World
[04:41]Laura Pausini - Se Fue
[03:24]Laura Welsh - Cold Front
[03:33]Laura Pausini - Piu Di Ieri
[03:41]Laura Pausini - Paris Au Mois D'août (Feat. Charles Aznavour)
[02:27]Laura Nyro - Oh Yeah Maybe Baby (The Heebie Jeebies)
[03:48]Laura Fygi - La Vie En Rose (French Version)
[04:17]Laura Pausini - Ascolta Il Tuo Cuore (Live 2007)
[03:19]Laura Pausini - Come Il Sole All'improvviso (Feat. Johnny Hallyday)
[02:59]Laura Welsh - Undiscovered (Praia Remix)
[03:58]Nina Simone, Simone, Laura Izibor, Ledisi - Four Women
[04:33]Laura Pausini - Gente (Ordinary People)(2001 Version)
[04:00]Laura Pausini - Porque No Volveran
[03:59]Laura Pausini - Come Se Non Fosse Stato Mai Amore (Remastered Version 2013)
[04:16]Laura Pausini - Strani Amori (2001 Version)
[03:21]Laura Welsh - Betrayal
[03:49]Laura Welsh - Hardest Part (Feat. John Legend)
[03:19]Laura Izibor - I Don't Want You Back
[04:35]Laura Izibor - What Would You Do
[03:08]Laura Pausini - She (Uguale A Lei)(New Version 2013)
[03:55]Laura Pausini - Viveme
[03:59]Laura Cheadle - Here Comes Santa Claus
[04:27]Laura Welsh - Soft Control
[03:56]Laura Pausini - La Felicita
[04:32]Laura Pausini - Las Cosas Que Vives
[04:29]Laura Pausini - Tutt'al Piu
[09:55]Laura Pausini - Medley: Cuando Se Ama (Sei Que Me Amavas)/mi Rubi L'anima/un Amico È Così/come Se Non Fosse Stato Mai Amore
[03:18]Laura Welsh - Breathe Me In
[05:06]Laura Sullivan - Canon And Gigue In D Major: No. 1, Canon (Remastered)
[04:36]Laura Sullivan - Bagatelle No. 25 In A Minor, Woo 59 “Für Elise”: I. Poco Moto
[04:02]Laura Pausini - Celeste (Remastered Version 2013)
[04:12]Laura Pausini - Bendecida Pasion
[03:07]Laura Veirs - Shape Shifter
[03:49]Laura Welsh - Ghosts
[07:26]Laura Estrada - If You Wanna Be My Only (Joiodj_Old_School_Club_Mix)
[07:29]Laura Pausini - Medley: Prendo Te/she (Iguale A Lei)/cinque Giorni/strani Amori
[05:02]Laura Sullivan - Prelude No.1 In C Major, Bwv 846 (Arr. For Piano And Flute)
[03:02]Laura Claycomb - 4 French Folk Songs (Version For Voice & Guitar) - No. 3. Le Rossignol (Nightingale)
[03:54]Laura Pausini - Medley: Víveme/vivimi
[04:12]Laura Pausini - Se Fue (2001 Version)
[02:10]Laura Pausini - Prendo Te (New Version 2013)
[04:02]Laura Welsh - Call To Arms
[08:21]Laura Pausini - Medley: Quando/in Assenza Di Te/surrender/apaixonados Como Nós/scrivimi
[04:34]Laura Pausini - Mi Libre Cancion (With Juanes)
[04:21]Laura Pausini - La Soledad (2001 Version)
[04:17]Laura Pausini - Tra Te E Il Mare (New Version 2013)
[04:16]Laura Pausini - Amores Extranos
[03:57]Laura Pausini - Benvenuto (Remastered Version 2013)
[03:29]Laura B & The Moonlighters - Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
[05:04]Laura Sullivan - Piano Sonata No.8 In C Minor, Op. 13 "Pathetique": Ii. Adagio Cantabile (Arr. For Piano And Clarinet)
[04:16]Laura Pausini - Amores Extraños (2001 Version)
[04:00]Laura Pausini - E Ritorno Da Te (New Version 2013)
[03:55]Laura Pausini - Invece No (Remastered Version 2013)
[03:27]Laura Welsh - God Keeps
[02:54]Laura Pausini - Every Little Thing You Do (Piano-Vocal Reprise)
[04:00]Laura Izibor - Don't Stay
[03:24]Laura Pausini - Non Ho Mai Smesso (Remastered Version 2013)
[03:16]Laura Sullivan - Bouquet Of Bach: Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring & Minuet In G
[04:34]Laura Pausini - Por Que No
[03:48]Laura Izibor - Form My Heart To Yours
[04:55]Laura Pausini - La Voz
[05:00]Laura Sullivan - Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte, M.19 (Arr. For Piano And French Horn)
[03:39]Laura Pausini - Enamorada (Giovani Leoni Remix)
[03:58]Stanton Warriors Feat. Laura Steel - The One (Taiki Nulight Remix)
[04:00]Laura Pausini - Amar Completamente
[04:41]Laura Pausini - Mi Abbandono A Te (Remastered Version 2013)
[03:38]Laura Pausini - Cuando Se Ama
[03:37]Laura Pausini - Seamisai (Sei Que Me Amavas)(Feat. Gilberto Gil)
[03:22]Laura Pausini - Enamorada
[04:20]Laura Pausini - Las Chicas
[07:33]Laura Pallas - Emergency
[04:25]Laura Pausini - Medley: La Prospettiva Di Me/parlami
[03:19]Ricky & Laura - Er Ist Nicht Der Richtige
[03:34]Laura Pausini - Enamorada (Takagi & Ketra Remix)
[07:24]Laura Estrada - If You Wanna Be My Only (Original Mix)
[03:46]Laura Pausini - Dove L'aria È Polvere
[03:09]Laura Nyro - Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby
[05:16]Laura Pausini - Te Amaré (Feat. Miguel Bosé)
[03:28]Laura Pausini - Primavera In Anticipo (It Is My Song)(Feat. James Blunt)(Remastered Version 2013)
[02:42]Laura Rosok - Little Boat
[03:34]Laura Pausini - Enamorada (Fresco Remix)
[07:53]Laura Pausini - Medley: Dove Sei/mi Libre Canción/come Il Sole All'improvviso (French Version)/benedetta Passione
[04:32]Stanton Warriors Feat. Laura Steel - The One (Danny Byrd Remix)
[04:41]Laura Pausini - Dos Enamorados
[03:22]Laura Pausini - Enamorada (Keejay Freak Remix)
[03:05]Laura Pausini - Every Day Is A Monday (Remastered Version 2013)
[04:38]Laura Pausini - El Valor Que No Se Ve
[03:51]Laura Tate - Since I Fell For You
[05:14]Laura Sullivan - 3 Gymnopédies: No. 1, Lent Et Douloureux In D Major (Arr. For Cello And Piano)
[02:54]Laura Pausini - Io C'ero (+ Amore X Favore)
[03:13]Laura Tate - Stormy Weather
[05:21]Laura Sullivan - Suite Bergamasque, L.75: No. 3, Clair De Lune (Remastered)
[05:03]Laura Fygi - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
[03:40]Laura Pausini - Non Sono Lei
[05:19]Laura Miller - Wings Of Love
[04:18]Stanton Warriors Feat. Laura Steel - The One (Extended)
[04:58]Laura Pausini - Strani Amori (New Version 2013)
[03:48]Laura Fygi - La Vie En Rose
[03:38]Laura Pausini - Dove Resto Solo Io
[03:58]Laura Pausini - La Solitudine / La Soledad / Loneliness (Medley 2013)
[03:59]Laura Pausini - La Soledad
[05:05]Laura Sullivan - Orchestral Suite No. 3 In D Major, Bwv 1068: Ii. Air (Arr. For Piano And Violin)
[04:31]Laura Pausini - Non C'è-Se Fué (New Version 2013)(Feat. Marc Anthony)
[01:25]Laura Marling - Bron-Yr-Aur
[03:48]Laura Pausini - Gente (New Version 2013)
[03:47]Laura Pausini - El No Esta Por Ti
[05:13]Laura Sullivan - Piano Sonata No.14 In C-Sharp Minor, Op.27 No.2 "Moonlight Sonata": I. Adagio Sostenuto (Remastered)
[04:34]Laura Pausini - Il Mio Canto Libero (Feat. Juanes)
[04:41]Laura Pausini - In Assenza Di Te (New Version 2013)
[04:57]Laura Pausini - Con La Musica Alla Radio (New Version 2013)
[03:59]Laura Pausini - Incancellabile (New Version 2013)
[03:55]Laura Pausini - Vivimi/víveme (New Version 2013)(Feat. Alejandro Sanz)
[05:14]Laura Fygi - How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
[04:12]Laura Pausini - Non C'è (2001 Version)
[03:26]Laura Pausini - Nel Modo Piu Sincero Che C'e
[04:21]Laura Pausini - La Solitudine (2001 Version)
[04:21]Laura - Konigin Der Nacht
[04:47]Laura Pausini - Surrender (New Version 2013)
[02:54]Laura Welsh - Undiscovered
[04:16]Laura Pausini - Dare To Live (Vivere)(Feat. Andrea Bocelli)
[03:07]Laura Bryna - Room 228
[04:34]Vitalik & Laura - Ti Tak Daleko
[04:08]Laura Bryna - According To The Radio
[03:46]Laura Story - This Is The Day
[04:10]Laura Illeborg - En At Tygge Pе
[02:46]Carmen Y Laura - Dos Palomas A Volar
[02:46]Rosita Y Laura - Ya Viene Mi Amor
[04:31]Laura Mvula - She (Eagles For Hands Remix)
[04:43]Laura Pausini - In Assenza Di Te (Live)
[02:52]Laura Marling - All My Rage
[05:02]Laura Sippola - Good Girl
[03:28]Laura Voutilainen - Tiedдn Sen
[01:40]Sarah Silverman, Laura Silverman & Tony Wilkins' Choir - Oh Happy Day
[03:14]Laura Veirs - John Henry Lives
[03:31]Laura Voutilainen - Monta Monta
[03:58]Laura Cristy - The Color Of The Night (Саундтрек К Фильму "Цвет Ночи")
[04:18]Laura Maria Larrea - La Emperaora (Directo)
[03:09]Laura Fygi - Et Si Demain
[03:34]Laura Voutilainen - En Mielestдin Sua Saa
[04:03]Laura Pausini - Troppo Tempo (Featuring Ivano Fossati)
[02:58]Laura Vane & The Vipertones - All Over Again
[04:06]Laura - How Sweet It Is
[04:42]Laura Pausini - Non Me Lo So Spiegare (Duet With Tiziano Ferro) (Live)
[04:14]Oh Laura - The Mess You Left Behind (Alternate Version)
[03:51]Laura Pauzini - Eres Tu..
[02:44]Laura Mvula - You Work For Me (Ost The Man From U.n.c.l.e.)
[01:33]Laura Shigihara - Choose Your Seeds
[03:00]Laura Lynn - Fietsen Lopen Stappen (Gordellied)
[04:18]Laura Sippola - Baby Was A Loner
[02:47]Uniting Nations Feat. Laura More - Ai No Corrida
[07:52]Robosonic & Laura Weider - Feldrecord Im Zirkus (Nu Remix)
[01:26]Laura Barratt - Main Galactic Theme 3
[02:41]Laura Nyro - Sweet Blindness
[02:58]Laura Welsh - Hollow Drum
[04:48]Laura - Midnight Train To Georgia
[04:38]Laura Pauzini - It's Not A Goodbye
[04:23]Laura Sullivan - Waltzing With Beethoven: Sonata Pathetique
[03:41]Oh Laura - Waiting For Something
[04:39]Laura Pausini - Le Cose Che Vivi - Palermo (Live)
[03:21]Laura Bryna - Out The Window
[02:29]Oh Laura - Thunderbird Motel (Alternate Version)
[02:57]Laura Lynn - Dat Kan Alleen Je Moeder Zijn
[03:35]Laura - Heartache Is Over
[03:34]Laura Gibson - The Fire
[03:23]Laura Izibor - It Ain't Over ('cos I Need You) (Ep Version)
[03:40]Laura Voutilainen - Tee Niin
[04:08]Laura Narhi - Silkkii
[04:24]Laura Narhi - Julma Valo
[03:43]Laura Pausini - La Mia Risposta
[04:20]Laura Simone - Creepin
[03:37]Laura Gibson - All The Pretty Horses
[04:44]05. Laura Alieva - Posmotri Na Menya C Mini Disk
[03:44]Laura Illeborg - Hengemt Og Halvsyltet
[04:50]Laura Voutilainen - Prinsessa
[04:27]Laura Illeborg - Himalaya
[03:06]Laura Reznek - I Dropped The Gun
[03:12]Laura Lynn - De Laatste Dans
[04:29]Laura Sullivan - Mountain Magic
[04:25]Laura Pausini - Je Chante (Io Canto)
[03:40]Laura Lynn - Ik Hou Nog Steeds Van Jou
[03:44]Laura Lynn - Je Hebt Me 1000 X Belogen
[04:19]Laura Izibor - Shine (Blackout Entertainment Remix Feat. Truth)
[05:10]Varien Feat. Laura Brehm - Ghost Spores
[03:02]Laura Reznek - Back Again
[04:31]Laura Wright - The Ash Grove
[03:14]Laura Sippola - Special Like You
[02:49]Laura Veirs - Soldier's Joy
[04:25]Laura - Ein Schoner Tag
[03:50]Laura Voutilainen - Pyrstцtдhti
[03:23]Laura Lynn - Avanti, Avanti
[03:55]Laura Voutilainen - Viimeinen Rakkauslaulu
[04:23]Laura Voutilainen - Rakkaudesta
[02:50]Laura Vane & The Vipertones - Roof Off
[03:00]Laura Lynn - Ik Heb Genoeg Van Al Jouw Leugens
[03:21]Laura Vane & The Vipertones - Stone Me
[03:09]Oh Laura - Call To Arms (Live)
[02:29]Laura - We Are Strong (Reprise)
[05:42]Laura Harding - You Only Live Twice
[04:01]Laura Pausini - Volvere Junto A Ti
[02:44]Laura Marling - Typical
[04:34]Laura Pausini - Il Mio Canto Libero (With Juanes)
[06:32]Laura Voutilainen - Ihmeit
[02:31]Laura Omloop - Zo Verliefd
[03:46]Laura Vane & The Vipertones - Just Keeps Smoking
[03:36]Laura - Muusa
[03:37]Laura Pausini - Escucha Atento (Live)
[03:36]Laura - For Your Eyes Only
[03:01]Laura - Sunflowers
[03:18]Laura Pausini - Caso Mai (Live Track)
[03:08]Rogue Feat Laura Brehm - Dreams (Cormak Remix)
[03:46]Laura Omloop - Wereld Vol Kleuren
[04:18]Laura Shay - Are You Happier Now?
[06:06]Robbie Rivera & Laura Vane - In Too Deep (Pink Fluid Mix)
[03:29]Laura Voutilainen - Rakkauden Soturi (Singleversio)
[03:19]Laura Vane & The Vipertones - Hours On Hours
[03:19]Laura Andresan - Eu Cu El 2007
[03:16]Laura Lynn - Jij Doet De Wolken Verdwijnen
[04:21]Laura Pausini - Che Bene Mi Fai
[03:08]Laura Veronesi - La Raza Bulgneisa
[03:55]Laura Pausini - Destinazione Paradiso (Live)
[03:49]Laura Pausini - Inesquecivel
[04:51]Laura Pausini - La Geografia Del Mio Cammino - Teramo (Live)
[02:59]Laura Lynn - In Vuur En Vlam
[04:29]Laura Pausini - Tutt'al Piщ
[04:58]Laura Illeborg - Sidste Natsvжrmers Dшd
[03:39]Laura Voutilainen - Kuulta Kyselen
[03:19]Oh Laura - One Dance
[04:25]Laura Reznek - Wait
[04:20]Stanton Warriors Feat. Laura Steel - The One (Wuki Remix)
[04:40]Laura Story - You Are Love
[03:48]Laura Pausini - Con La Musica Alla Radio
[03:29]Laura Pausini - Cadacolor Al Cielo
[04:20]Laura Narhi - Hiljaisia Pдiviд
[05:08]Laura Sullivan - Pictograph Cave
[03:48]Laura Pausini - Primavera In Anticipo (1)
[04:41]Laura Pausini - Una Storia Seria
[03:13]Laura Lynn - Nooit Meer Een Ander Meer Dan Jij
[03:44]Laura Reznek - Do No Harm
[03:23]Laura Vane - Let The Music Play
[03:06]Laura Ault - Sunshine In My Mind
[04:13]Laura Bryna - 640 Battle Dr.
[06:33]Laura Izibor - Shine (Digital Dog Dub Remix)
[03:36]Laura Veirs - Galaxies
[03:12]Laura - Moonwalk (Original Version)
[01:02]Sarah Silverman & Laura Silverman - Baby Penis In Your Mind
[05:06]Laura Pausini - La Soledad - Barcelona (Live)
[03:41]Laura Sippola - Sax'n Joe
[03:05]Laura Pausini - La Fata Delle Favole
[04:16]Laura Pausini - Io Canto (Radio Edit)
[04:44]Laura Wright - Skye Boat Song
[02:07]Laura Kirkpatrick - Southern Sweet Girl (Remix)
[04:02]Laura Bell Bundy - I`m No Good (For Ya Baby)
[05:09]Laura Marling - Night After Night
[02:33]Laura Illeborg - Morgensang
[04:20]Laura Fygi - Tell Me All About It
[03:53]Laura Imbruglia - If I Ever
[03:55]Laura Ivancie - Candy
[03:21]Laura Welsh - Betrayal (Jakwob Mix)
[03:24]Laura Simone - Get Down
[03:12]Laura Leon - Yo No Soy Abusadora
[06:46]Laura Pausini - Quiero_Decirte_Que_Te_Amo
[02:33]Carmen Y Laura - Angel Mio
[03:47]Laura Fygi - What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
[02:56]Laura Gibson - Red Moon
[20:32]Laura Nдrhi - Siskoni
[04:10]The Prototypes Feat. Laura Vane - Taking Me Over
[03:43]Oh Laura - Friend Like Me (Alternate Version)
[03:10]Oh Laura - Kennedy
[03:28]Laura Lynn - Naar De Kermis (Met De Romeo's)
[04:05]Laura Pausini - Vivire
[03:34]Oh Laura - Lucky Tonight
[07:35]Laura Pausini - Escucha Atento Remix (Kelly Pitiuso And Strump Dub Remix)
[05:38]Laura - Mark The Day
[04:30]Laura Sullivan - America's Stonehenge
[03:50]Laura Pausini - Pop
[04:03]Laura Veirs - Galaxies (Featuring Kotos The Rock Thrower)
[03:30]Laura - Nobody's Girl (Frank J Mix)
[05:42]Rameses B Feat. Laura Brehm - Transformations
[04:04]Laura - I Look At You
[03:39]Laura - Imehr Weider
[03:35]Laura Mvula - She (Dead Audio's Snowed In Re-Dub)
[03:05]Carmen Y Laura - Por Fin Jovencita
[04:25]Laura Voutilainen - Rakkaudesta - Winter Song
[03:31]Laura Pausini - Alzando Nuestros Brazos
[03:32]Laura Browne Sorenson - I Will Think Of You
[02:36]Laura B & The Moonlighters - As Long As I'm Moving
[02:16]Laura Veirs - All The Pretty Little Horses
[03:18]Laura Voutilainen - Teippaa Mut Kasaan
[03:59]Laura Voutilainen - Kerran
[03:21]Laura Mary - Because Of You
[03:11]Laura Presgurvic - Nous N'sommes Pas
[04:00]Laura Voutilainen - Salamataivas
[03:26]Laura Shigihara - Everything's Alright
[04:11]The Prototypes Feat. Laura Vane - Taking Me Over (The Others Remix)
[03:44]Laura Pausini - Con La Mъsica En La Radio
[03:44]Laura Pausini - Resta In Ascolto (Andrea T. Mendoza Tibet Radio Mix)
[02:55]Laura Marling - She's Changed (Live Acoustic)
[04:28]Laura Pausini - Resta In Ascolto (Luca Cassani Radio Remix)
[07:20]Mr. Conte Feat. Laura Valente - Wuthering Heights (Tsa Remix)
[03:48]Laura Pausini - Cada Color Al Cielo
[04:21]Laura Izibor - Shine (Blackout Entertainment Remix Instrumental)
[03:19]Laura - Outta Here
[03:42]Rinat Levsha Feat. Laura - Мелодия Сна (Radio Mix)
[04:01]Laura Pausini - La Solitudine ( Loneliness )
[03:45]Tinie Tempah Feat. Laura Mvula - Heroes
[03:08]Laura Imbruglia - Limerence
[08:04]Oh Laura - Release Me (The Attic Remix)
[02:47]Carmen Y Laura - La Torcida
[04:25]Laura Brehm - The Sunrise (Soundnet Remix)
[05:09]Laura - Moonwalk (Moon Taxi Extended Version)
[03:45]Laura Voutilainen - Punainen Vespa
[02:37]Rosita Y Laura - Nunca Pienses En Mi
[03:37]Laura Voutilainen - Pдivдkirja
[02:04]Laura Und Bojan - Moves Like Jagger
[02:10]Laura Steel - Running (Chunky B & Benny Rich Bassline Remix)
[03:43]Laura Lynn - Laat Me In Je Leven
[03:59]Laura Pausini - Quello Che Le Donne Non Dicono
[05:08]Laura - Sdasuve Rohtunud Teed
[03:00]Rosita Y Laura - Tennessee Waltz
[04:06]Laura Pausini - En Cambio No - Madrid (Live)
[04:07]Laura Voutilainen - Tuleen Kirjoitettu
[03:21]What Laura Says - Couldn't Lose Myself If I Tried
[01:55]Laura Lуpez Castro - Flor Que Marchitarб
[02:40]Laura Shigihara - Zombies On Your Lawn
[04:57]Laura - Band Of Gold
[03:06]Laura Reznek - Apparition
[02:42]Laura Shay - Wrong
[02:58]Laura - Debesim Dangum Sapnais
[03:54]Laura Voutilainen - Ei Edes Kuolema (Feat. Veeti Kallio)
[04:40]Laura - We Are Strong
[04:31]Laura Pausini - Se Fuй (With Marc Anthony 2013)
[02:56]Laura Marling - To Be A Woman
[03:50]Laura Lynn - Manuel Goodbye
[03:17]Laura Izibor - Shine (Radio Edit)
[04:31]Laura Voutilainen - Kaksi Karttaa
[04:14]Laura Paozini - One More Time
[03:49]Oh Laura - Prove Me Wrong
[04:22]Laura Imbruglia - The Greatest Love
[02:40]Laura Veirs - Silo Song
[03:58]Laura Shigihara - Rigor Mormist In-Game
[03:46]Laura Veirs - July Flame
[04:04]Laura Von Sheffield - Young(Icon Forever Young)
[04:37]Laura Pausini - La Solitudine - Napoli
[04:52]Laura Pausini - Apaixonados Como Nos
[03:17]Laura Cantrell - 14Th Street
[03:02]Laura Omloop - Cowboymeisje (Karaoke)
[03:24]Laura Imbruglia - Someone Loves You Honey
[03:17]Laura Vane & The Vipertones - About To Blow
[00:32]Laura Barratt - Galactic Council Theme
[06:12]Laura Sullivan - The Serpent Mound
[03:15]Laura Lynn - Elke Nacht
[03:45]Laura Pausini - Tu Con Que Suenas ?
[03:13]Laura - Shattered - Housetrap Short Rmx
[14:04]Mr. Conte Feat. Laura Valente - Wuthering Heights (Love Mix)
[02:49]Laura Imbruglia - Why'd You Have To Kiss Me So Hard
[03:27]Laura Mvula - Unbelievable Dream
[03:52]Laura - Naked On
[03:04]Oh Laura - Release Me
[03:02]Oh Laura - Out Of Bounds
[03:47]Laura Barratt - Main Galactic Theme
[03:41]Laura Izibor - Yes (I'll Be Your Baby)
[04:03]Laura Fygi - New Endless Love
[03:03]Laura Marling - Flicker And Fail
[04:07]Laura Pausini - Come Se Non Fosse Stato Mai Amore - Firenze (Live)
[03:58]Laura Pausini - Vivimi (Live)
[02:34]Rosita Y Laura - Despacioso (Slow Poke)
[03:22]Laura Reznek - Wild
[03:16]Laura - Highway To Nowhere
[00:33]Sarah Silverman & Laura Silverman - Lost Dog Song
[05:11]Twothirds Feat. Laura Brehm - Waking Dreams (Drum & Bass Vip Mix)
[03:05]Laura Pausini - La Prospettiva Di Me
[04:21]Laura - Kцnigin Der Nacht
[03:31]Laura Veirs - Why Oh Why
[03:41]Laura Imbruglia - The Intervention
[03:45]Laura Voutilainen - Kiitos
[02:39]Laura Shigihara - Uraniwa Ni Zombies Ga!
[04:05]Oh Laura - The Mess You Left Behind (Demo)
[04:42]Laura Narhi - Tuhlari (Original Mix)
[02:36]Carmen Y Laura - Ahora Que No Eres Mia
[04:39]Laura Pausini - Vivimi - Bergamo (Live)
[03:50]Laura Story - Mighty To Save
[03:05]Laura Gibson - The Rushing Dark
[03:32]Laura Distasi - Colors And Shapes
[02:45]Laura Fygi - I Will Wait For You (From The Umbrellas Of Cherbou
[03:29]Laura Lynn - Met Jou Samen Leven
[04:09]Laura Simone - Thank You
[03:12]Laura Voutilainen - Puolet Sun Auringosta
[05:48]Laura Sullivan - Bighorn Medicine Wheel
[03:42]Laura Imbruglia - Straight To The Bar
[03:06]Laura Voutilainen - Addicted To You
[03:26]Laura Shigihara - Everything's Allright