The Unborn Chikken Voices

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[04:16]The Unborn Chikken Voices - 100000 Volts Of Electricity (rampue Remix)
[04:51]Mors Principium Est [2005 - The Unborn] - 02 - The Harmony Remains
[04:30]Mors Principium Est [2005 - The Unborn] - 10 - The Glass Womb
[02:27]Two Steps From Hell (The Devil Wears Nada - 2009) - 1. After The Fall (no voice) OST (Mass Effect 3 Trailer).
[03:54]Devour The Unborn - Machete To The Neck
[02:59]Pierce The Veil - She Sings In The Morning (lowered voice)
[04:17]Ramin Djawadi - The Unborn (OST "Побег" - русская версия сериала)
[03:46]J.Milton & Ail Monster Kill [SH.A.D.A] - Left to the right (Mad Voice Prod.)
[03:48]The Fron Male Voice Choir - Amazing Grace
[08:33]Gary Numan - A Prayer For The Unborn (Andy Gray Remix)
[04:17]Ramin Djawadi - The Unborn (Main OST)
[07:22]Неизвестный исполнитель - 1.Enduser - Jane Doe 2.Stereotype - Vibrations 3.The Teknoist - Unheard Voices 4.Envoys Evolution & Hedj - No Need To Kill
[03:10]OST Поглощённые солнцем - The Trax & Air - Voice
[04:17]Ramin Djawadi - The Unborn/Нерождённый
[03:21]The Art Of Voice - Dont Speak
[07:18]Glenn Hughes - You Keep On Moving (Live)(1998 - The God Of Voice Best Of Glenn Hughes)
[03:21]The Art Of Voice/Vintage Cafe (Lounge and Jazz Blends) (2009) - Don't Speak
[02:46]Anaal Nathrakh - Screaming Of The Unborn
[21:05]Fanapth - Reflected in the Earth, our voices echoed cold and unapologetic
[05:44]Mors Principium Est [2005 - The Unborn] - 04 - Two Steps Away
[01:35]Mors Principium Est [2005 - The Unborn] - 06 - Spirit - Conception
[04:01]Mors Principium Est [2005 - The Unborn] - 08 - Fragile Flesh
[03:21]The Art Of Voice - Dont Speak
[06:58]Orange Music feat Mirjam - Take Me 2 The Sea (Floating Voice Mix)
[03:13]Adeonesis - Sacrifice of the Unborn (Hydrocyanic Remix)
[06:02]MIAMI Project - The Ethnic People [Voices Of Music]
[02:27]Two Steps From Hell - After The Fall (No Voice)
[07:55]Alan Rickman (The Best Mellow Voice!!!) - War Poem
[07:02]Cortex & BrainBokka - The Unborn
[03:39]Lotivan - The man who sold the world (my voice cover) \David Bowie\Nirvana version
[06:56]Islands Of Chill - Take Me 2 The Sea (Floating Voice Mix) (Chillout/Lounge) 27.12.2011 Группа >>>Ломаный бит<<<
[10:40]The theatre of voice (USA) - Арво Пярт. "Бога человеком невозможно видети" - Песнь 9-я покаянного канона
[03:41]Mors Principium Est - The Unborn
[06:13]James Johnston - Feeling Good In The Dark (MoodyMix) [Voices Of Music]
[03:21]The Art Of Voice/De Luxe Vintage Cafe Lounge (Lounge and Jazz Blends) (2009) - Don't Speak
[06:07]Natalino Nunes - The Driver (Deep Voice Remix) [F**king House ❤ Exclusive from 2011]
[04:42]The Fron Male Voice Choir - Ave Maria
[03:10]Natalino Nunes - The Driver (Deep Voice remix) [Sex Panda Toys]
[03:48]Mike Tompkins - Rolling In The Deep (only voice , mouth and claps)
[03:25]Barren Cross - Atomic Arena (1987) - Killers Of The Unborn
[02:27]Two Steps From Hell - After The Fall (No Voice)
[04:58]Mercyful Fate - 04 - Night Of The Unborn "Don't Break The Oath" 1984
[03:19]Cesspool Of Vermin - Vomit Forth The Unborn
[04:29]Deborah Henson-Conant - The Nightingale, for voice and harp
[05:19]саундтрек к фильму "Пляж" - OST 'The Beach' - Voices
[06:26]Feuerhake - The Key (EN Voice Rmx)
[04:59]Incubus - Massacre Of The Unborn
[02:27]Two Steps From Hell - After The Fall (No Voice) (Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back)
[02:40]The Wilson Malone Voice Band - Penny Lane
[02:51]Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth no voice (OST Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer)