The Zutons

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[03:40]Panic At The Disco - Valerie (The Zutons Cover)
[03:08]The Zutons - Zuton Fever
[02:09]The Zutons - Good Morning Good Morning (cover The Beatles)
[03:40]Panic At The Disco - Valerie (The Zutons Cover) (Radio 1's Live Lounge 28-03-08)
[03:07]The Zutons - It's The Little Things We Do
[03:33]The Zutons - You Could Make The Four Walls Cry
[03:56]The Zutons - Valerie
[03:34]The Zutons - Tired of Hanging Around
[03:34]The Zutons - Someone Watching Over Me
[03:57]The Zutons - You've Got a Friend In Me
[03:54]The Zutons - Hello Conscience
[02:52]The Zutons - Always Right Behind You (Radio Edit)
[03:02]The Zutons - Pressure Point
[02:54]The Zutons - You Will You Won't
[03:10]Rhythms del Mundo feat. The Zutons - Runaway
[03:33]Glee Cast - Valerie (The Zutons)
[03:37]James Morrison - Valerie (The Zutons cover)
[03:49]The Zutons - How Does It Feel
[03:31]The Zutons - Always Right Behind You
[03:16]The Zutons - Secrets
[02:24]SunSay - Valerie (The Zutons cover)
[04:24]Bruno Mars - Valerie (The Zutons cover)
[03:10]The Zutons - Runaway (Del Shannon cover)
[03:32]The Zutons - Confusion
[03:29]The Zutons - Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done!)
[03:49]DJ Zebra - Get up, stand safe (The Wailers VS Massive Attack VS The Zutons)
[03:56]The Zutons - Valerie
[03:19]The Zutons - Remember Me
[03:09]RDM ft. The Zutons - Runaway(Del Shannon)
[03:35]Naya Rivera & Glee Cast - Valerie (The Zutons (Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse version) Cover)
[03:05]The Zutons - Devil's Deal
[02:41]The Zutons - Creepin' An' A Crawlin'
[02:48]The Zutons - Beggars And Choosers
[03:15]The Zutons - Nobody Loves Me
[03:29]The Zutons - Haunts Me
[03:35]Robyn Adele Anderson - Valerie - The Zutons Amy Winehouse Cover
[03:34]The Zutons - Always Right Behind You
[03:26]The White Buffalo - The Whistler
[03:58]Echo And The Bunnymen - Bring on the Dancing Horses
[04:55]The Black Seeds - The Bend
[06:23]Randy Brecker with The DR Big Band - The Jazz Ballad Song Book (2011) - 07 I Talk To The Trees
[04:18]Wick-it the Instigator - The Golden Trap Gangster
[02:42]Tommy James & the Shondells - I Like the Way
[02:44]Tommy James & the Shondells - Draggin' The Line
[02:32]Tommy James & the Shondells - Say I Am (What I Am) - Tommy James & the Shondells, James, Tommy [Rock]
[03:42]The Bees - Sky Holds The Sun
[07:29]Infected Mushroom (The Gathering/1999) - 07 - Tommy the Bat
[04:25]The Bootleggers feat. Emmylou Harris & Nick Cave / The Bootleggers feat. Ralph Stanley & Warren Ellis - Fire in the Blood / Snake Song (OST Самый пьяный округ в мире / Lawless 2012)
[07:05]THE TRACTORS - Fast Girl (2001) - 10. A Little Place Of Our Own / On The Road Again
[02:50]The Lonely Island - 3-Way (The Golden Rule) (feat. Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga)