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[06:26]DJ Wag - third step (man on the moon) (wag big room extended)
[04:46]DJ Wag - gettin' high (dj wag mix)
[07:39]DJ Wag - Music Non-Stop (DJ Wag Mix) (vkontakte.ru/real_hardtrance)
[07:49]DJ Wag - Gettin' high (DJ Wag mix) (vk.com/real_hardtrance)
[03:37]DJ Wag - Life On Mars (DJ Wag Airplay Mix)
[06:30]DJ Wag - Third Step (Man On The Moon) (Wag Big Room mix)
[06:19]DJ Wag - Gettin High (DJ Wag & Misar Remix)
[07:50]DJ Wag - Life on Mars (DJ Wag Club Mix)
[07:44]DJ Wag - Life On Mars (Club Mix)
[03:36]DJ Wag - Man On The Moon (Radio Edit)
[04:53]Arrested Development - Wag Your Tail
[03:14]Peter Wag, Gianluca Argante - Loving You feat. Neja (Original Mix)
[06:57]trance 90's - Dj Wag & Y.O.M.C.-Futuro (Cyber mix)
[03:10]Ezekiel - Gurrrr $wag
[07:27]Yakooza - Drugs (DJ Wag Remix) (vk.com/real_hardtrance)
[04:44]Mark Knopfler - Wag The Dog
[07:26]X-Trance - Friends (Wag & Yomc Remix)
[03:36]DJ Wag - Man on the Moon
[05:23]DJ Wag Rmx - Cocaine
[03:30]Heintje - Wag Haar Iewers Liefde Vir Mij
[04:38]XXTRAKT - $WAG
[02:03]Lady and the Tramp - Main Title (Bella Notte) The Wag of a Dog's Tail
[07:32]DJ Wag - Darkness (Busho Remix 2010)
[07:12]DJ Zagros & Pacific - Shine (DJ Wag Remix) (vkontakte.ru/real_hardtrance)
[04:29]1000 Best Tracks of Life (History of Trance 1992-2012) Mixed & Compillation by Greidor Rocktransovich - 344.T.J.- Mellow Claps (Different Light)(Yakooza vs.DJ Wag Mix)
[03:48]Various Artists - [DJ Wag] The Darkness (Yakooza Rmx)
[02:04]Youngg P - $wag (Dj Wonsko MIX)
[07:29]George Acosta pres. M.A.G. - Taking Over Space (DJ Wag's Vocal Mix)
[03:51]DJ Wag & M.R. - Life On Mars
[03:03]Was los - WAG
[07:40]Mikado - Sex O Matic (DJ Wag Mix)
[07:24]Trancemaster 2004 (2000) - X Trance - Friends 2000 (DJ Wag vs. Y.O.M.C Rmx)
[06:16]Legend B - Voyage (Wag & YOMC Mix)
[08:24]DJ Wag - Life On Mars (Steve Hill Vs. D10 Remix)
[03:51]DJ Wag & M.R. - Life On Mars (Short Mix)
[09:37]DJ Wag - Life On Mars (Y. O. M. C. Remix) [public24074644]
[03:35]Yakooza - French Kiss [DJ Wag Mix]
[07:00]q(^_^)p+Charlie and Peter - Electro Netz (Charlie Brown and Peter Wag Mix)
[07:23]DJ Wag - The Big Bang (W.A.G. Remix)
[02:38]DJ Wag - The Big Bang (Yakooza Remix)
[05:27]DJ Wag - 2nd Step (Man On The Moon) (Yakooza Reworx)
[03:38]Wag wag_vpered_3D-2_tur_v_wag_vpered_3D-spaces_ru - Без названия
[03:36]DJ Wag - Man On The Moon (Original Mix)
[06:57]Dj Wag & Y.O.M.C. - Futuro (Cyber mix)
[06:29]Pro-Tech - Out of Control DJ Wag mix
[09:38]DJ Wag - Life on Mars (Y.O.M.C. Mix) [Uplifting Trance] [Nick de Golden's Collection]
[03:06]Wig A Wag - Son soazig (Gavotte)
[05:04]Sequenza & Wag - This Feels Like Love (DJ Sequenza Club Mix)
[05:18]VA - DJ Wag - The Day The Earth Caught Fire (Pro-Active Mix)
[03:27]Mark Knopfler - Working On It (OST Wag the Dog)