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[04:12]X-RATED 6EX6EX6EX - Fatal Attraction
[04:37]X-RATED 6EX6EX6EX - Masks of Consciousness
[01:40][muzmo.ru] Team Rated RKO - WWE - Team Rated RKO (Edge and Randy Orton) [muzmo.ru]
[04:25]X-RATED - Supafly Inc. Molella - X-Rated (LipBreakz Breaks Mix) 2
[01:40]Team Rated RKO - WWE - Team Rated RKO (Edge & Randy Orton)
[04:34]Team Rated RKO - WWE - Team Rated RKO (Edge & Randy Orton)
[02:05]"Aladdin-The Return Of Jafar" (Jonathan Freeman) - You're Only Second Rate
[03:18]Thornley - The Going Rate (My Fix)
[03:37]Sample Rate (Ft. RIZUPS) - Падає Листя (A.кустик.A)
[03:52]Dj Rate - Track 5 Electric Valentinka (2012)
[03:39]Dj Death Rate - чуство любовь
[03:37]RIZUPS & Sample Rate - Падає Листя (А.кустик.А)
[03:32]RIZUPS & Sample Rate - Rescue My Life (Тільки Ти)
[02:53]Sample Rate - Freedom (Ft. RIZUPS)
[04:10]Uppermost - Heart Rate
[04:53]Excision & Messinian - X Rated (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
[03:27]RIZUPS - Бо без тебе (А.кустик.А) ft Sample Rate
[02:30]Excision ft. Messinian - Triple X Rated [DUBSTEP]
[03:01]Zebrahead - Rated "U" For Ugly
[03:14]RIZUPS & Sample Rate - Wings
[03:36]RIZUPS & Sample Rate - Не клич мене
[03:32]-‘๑’-Sample Rate & Rizups - Rescue My Life!(Тільки Ти) -‘๑’-
[03:28]RIZUPS & Sample Rate - Beat of Heart
[05:01].ιlιlι.DJ.ιlιlι. Noisia - Epiphany - Noisia - Epiphany (Dj Rate remix 2011)
[04:22]Excision & Messinian - X Rated (Space Laces Remix)
[04:27]Rated R ft. Lil Jon - Ride
[03:52]Dj Rate - Track 6 Electro Boom vol.4 (club mix 2011)
[04:25]Excision ft. Messinian - Triple X Rated (Original Mix)
[06:31]Fedde Le Grand. Rockin High (Nicky Romero Remix) - Rockin' High Tie me up, 'cause I am flying To the stars, I can't come down Buy it, rate it Exclusive music making, that's what we do now
[03:15]Nightcat & X-RATE [RapRu.org] - Брат (Receptor prod.)
[02:39]rate attack - Raver (Bonus Track)
[04:36]Cloud12 - Rate Attack !
[05:31]Rate Attack! - No Fear (Original Mix)
[04:38]Rate Attack! - Ruffi (Original mix)
[02:50]Sample Rate - Freedom
[04:25]Excision, Messinian - X Rated (Original Mix)
[04:25]Excision ft. Messinian - X Rated (Original Mix) "Juicy Dubstep"
[03:38]Sample Rate - Wake Up
[03:22]RIZUPS & Sample Rate - The Breath
[04:22]⇑Excision feat. Messinian - X Rated (Space Laces Remix)
[03:37]Sample Rate & RIZUPS - Падає Листя
[03:47]ROCK DJs MAFIA (GOKK) - Crazy Rate (no voice version)
[03:12]Sample Rate та Rizups - гей там у горах високих
[05:09]Rate Attack! - Jungle Sick (Original Mix)
[03:20]Sample Rate - The Breath
[03:59]Sample Rate - Stay To Be
[03:02]Zebrahead - Rated U for ugly
[05:49]Aquarius - It Feels Like Summer (X-Rated Bodyheat Mix)
[04:25]nj ije - X Rated ft. топ шоу "Juicy Dubstep"
[03:01]Zebrahead - Rated R For Ugly (OST Школа 13)