shes my jazz

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[04:25]My Jazz Band - 03-MY JAZZ BAND- Dont Explain
[01:45]Kiss My Jazz - Silly Jazz Song
[01:13]Kiss My Jazz - Baby Jazz
[04:01]Runner Runner - Shes My Kinda Girl
[03:20]Poison - Shes my Cherry Pie
[05:40]Faithless - Shes My Baby
[05:29]Verbal Kint - scratch my jazz original mix
[06:22]Alex Dimitri South Soul Feat. Dieghito - My Jazz (Tommy Largo Remix)
[03:19]Lil Cuete - Shes My Number 1
[03:40]Laze & Royal Ft. Tyler Sherrit - Shes my Marilyn Monroe
[03:15]Dj Excite Az(Dj Azюка Samor) - She Wolf(Jazz Vers от Алексея Саморцева)
[03:13]Brainstorm - Shes My Love
[03:11]Brainstorm - Shes my love
[03:51]Fall Out Boy - shes my winona
[03:06]Paul McCartney - Shes My Baby
[03:12]Бесплатный минус []7.Hatena Prod. - My Jazz [Приют Желаний]
[05:30]Scissor Sisters - Shes My Man
[05:29]Verbal Kint - Scratch My Jazz (2009)
[04:41]Blue October - Shes My Ride Home
[07:10]V!KTOR & Lowris - Bit My Jazz (Chris Carrier tool)
[03:20]Warrant - Shes my Cherry Pie
[03:27]John the Whistler - Shes My Girl
[06:24]Personal DJ (Галухи) 2012 - My Jazz (remix)
[02:21]Anti Flag - Shes My Little Go Go Dancer
[09:44]07 Andri - My Jazz (Digital Exclusive) - Tech House - Andri - The Change EP (Label - Cityfox) - Release Date: 01 January 2010
[03:14]Vein feat. Pitbull - Shes My Lover (2011)
[02:18]16. Kip Tyler - Shes My Witch (V.A. - The Ultimate 50's And 60's Rockin' Horror Disc - 2003)
[02:02]Kiss My Jazz - Bobby Soxers
[04:38]Kid Loco - Shes My Lover
[01:09]Kiss My Jazz - Roving Eye
[03:44]Kiss My Jazz - A Greater Loss Than Pain
[00:48]Kiss My Jazz - Fingers
[01:00]Kiss My Jazz - Beautiful Losers
[02:00]Kiss My Jazz - Last House at the Edge of the Park
[00:43]Kiss My Jazz - Dave's Hat Talk
[04:18]Kiss My Jazz - Expansive Basehead
[02:27]Kiss My Jazz - Busstop
[03:23]Kiss My Jazz - Slow March Through the Half Oriental Side of the Bedroom
[02:05]Kiss My Jazz - Jesus
[03:38]Kiss My Jazz - Lost Souls Convention
[01:16]Kiss My Jazz - Silly disco song
[03:05]Kiss My Jazz - Stained Glass
[03:14]Kiss My Jazz - Olvidar
[03:12]Kiss My Jazz - Wild Orchid
[02:53]Kiss My Jazz - Though Guys Don't Dance
[01:11]Kiss My Jazz - It's a Long Way to Happiness
[05:45]Kiss My Jazz - Chunking Mansions
[02:32]Kiss My Jazz - A Truckdriving Song
[02:05]Kiss My Jazz - Until the ufo is out of sight
[02:06]Kiss My Jazz - one of these BLACKOUTs